Forbici per capelli elio


ELIO SCISSORS come from the experience of Elio Toma, a hairdresser who revolutionized his professional career by abandoning usual scissors and devoting himself to the creation of a product UNIQUE IN THE WORLD able to facilitate and improve the execution of any hairstyles, both on men than on women.
After 25 years of planning and continuous improvements, Elio gave birth to this innovative product which led to the highest levels not only his inventor’s activity but also those who buyed it.
The many positive feedbacks he received, involved his children too, who decided to found the “Toma Alberto” company, located in Soleto (LE); nowadays, they manage ELIO scissors marketing, whose production is guaranteed by the collaboration with a reputed Italian company based in Premana (LC).
Reliability and quality distinguish this company that founded its success on the promotion of these scissors totally made in Italy.



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