Professional toothed Elio hair scissors are launched on the market after years of design and continuous improvements based on the experience of the hairdresser inventor Elio Toma, hence the name.
Sensing the width was essential to achieve optimal results without burdening on the tendons of the hand, we have worked hard to develop the complex mechanism that we patented as Elio Scissors.
In order to maintain the exact distance between the two blades, we have placed a washer in the center and fixed it by a nut not arbitrarily adjustable by the operator but properly calibrated during production. The size of these components are essential to obtain a perfect balance of scissors.


In order to differentiate them from common tools available on the market, Elio Scissors are realized by adopting a special light alloy that can be a benefit to those using it.
Avoiding periodic maintenance work, Elio Scissors are equipped with a self-sharpening system ensured by a micro-toothing on the smooth blade.