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There are two different sizes of Elio Scissors: 6 ‘ with 41 teeth and 5’ with 36 teeth.
Such a narrow teething blade, never been done before, makes this instrument UNIQUE and ensures excellent results both in thinning than in straight cut.
The 5’ and 6′ scissors are identical from the point of view of functionality; they simply differ in size.


Elio hair scissors have two blades hinged in such a manner that the two inner faces do not adhere, such as all other scissors; a kind of gap eliminates the normal friction and makes them faster by preventing any fatigue and inflammation of the tendons of the hand.
Thanks to the non-adjustable spacer between the two blades, scissors can be bent in such a way that the customer does not have to assume any particular positions of the head.

forbice dentata elio


The width between the two blades ensures high safety, particularly useful in the execution of children cuts.
No more errors caused by other tools.
Elio Scissors are not the classic scissors you can find on the market; the features described are proof of it.


The micro-toothing on the smooth blade makes the scissors self-sharpening so that the hair is finally incorporated into this complex mechanism. Elio Scissors are the only ones not pulling and tearing the hair neither dry nor wet.

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